Top Most Popular Fonts for Graphic Designers

Top Most Popular Fonts

Trends in design are changing constantly and it is important to keep on top of them if you are in the web design business. Typography is a very big part of web design and if you don’t choose them wisely, it can affect the whole design.

Because of the progress, we can use many more fonts than in the past, but that does not mean if you can use a certain font, that you should. You have to be very selective, test many times and pay special attention to readability. For instance, in our Everly theme, I combined a playful font for the headlines with a more common font for the body to keep great overall readability. This way you give your website a certain atmosphere and at the same time, you don’t affect the clean and minimal look.

To help you with the process, we found Top Most Popular Fonts for Graphic Designers. They are all free fonts and we added our WordPress themes as examples to show you how they look on a live website.



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