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Top 25 Free jQuery Image & Gallery Sliders To Showcase Your Images 2018

jquery image gallery sliders

Google Search has also been somewhat of a concern to developers who wish to use jQuery visual content plugins, because it takes a certain type of plugin to be fully compatible with the latest search standards, and for the visual content to be indexed in the first place. So when looking for the right plugin, it’s crucial to seek out features like flexibility and customization options, lightweight codebase and smoothness of content interaction, a responsive integration for all device and browser types, and an overall design quality that reflects the best and most dynamic User Interface elements available.


01. Presentation Slideshow

Presentation Slideshow

Presentation widgets and apps are usually built using native programming languages, as individual apps, but this time around we the Presentation Slideshow plugin is taking full use of jQuery and bringing us a delicate plugin that will feel like a native application in itself. Although traditional presentations utilize the keyboard functions for navigation, this particular library uses both keyboard and mouse interaction for full interaction scale. The codebase for this one is fairly straightforward, so styling isn’t going to be much of a problem. Released by Claudia Romano on behalf of CodyHouse.



02. Ideal Image Slider

Ideal Image Slider

Calling something ideal is usually a bold thing to do, but in this case we are fully on the side of developers of the Ideal Image Slider. This lightweight and compact slider plugin will work just great on both website projects, and applications that benefit from web elements. Built with native JavaScript, the Ideal Image Slider is built on top of a HTML5 foundation that will ensure your content is crawled and indexed by search engine robots. Transitions are built using CSS3, meaning they’re effective and lightweight at the same time. Responsiveness allows for this slider to be a great solution for mobile website projects as well. Setup the library just by loading up some images, everything else is already prepackaged and ready to go. And did we mention it’s open-source?



03. Simple jQuery Slider

Simple jQuery Slider

A little bit of JavaScript, some HTML5 and a touch of CSS3 is what makes this slider a simple one. John Urbank shares his idea of a simple jQuery slider on CodePen — a website for developers and designers to share their front-end creations for exploring, optimizing and general use. The default demo only shows a text slider option, but with a few modifications anyone can include visual content like photos and videos.



04. Animated SVG Image Slider

Animated SVG Image Slider

The team at CodyHouse are top of their game when it comes to modern and responsive jQuery plugins, another creation of theirs include an animated SVG image slider that uses a traditional image sliding approach, with the amplification of SVG transition effects. Create stunning and optimized jQuery sliders, and choose between three different SVG effects for transitioning images from one to the other. If you are having trouble getting this one to work, the comment section on the CodyHouse is a great place to begin your search for an answer.



05. Sliiide


jQuery sliders aren’t always about visual content, sometimes their functionality extends beyond the basic needs. Sliiide is one of the plugins that instead of helping you deal with visual content, helps you to create interactive ‘sliding’ menu items in a variety of different ways. The default selection allows you to specify a sliding menu at the bottom, the top, the left and right sides of your pages. Such plugins can really help to promote a variety of things, not only traditional menu items, but also social media buttons and profiles for free marketing promotion.



06. Animated SVG Hero Slider

Animated SVG Hero Slider

CodyHouse are really working hard to make the best of modern web technology, already the third mention of these guys in our list, we are looking at another stunning SVG optimized jQuery slider that uses animation effects to create beautiful slider effects. This one will work great for those apps and website projects that need full-page slider options for web pages, or content alone. Upon setting up, the webmaster can specify different page items and link out to them on the front-page, then the visitor/user can easily browse through the items through the amplification of a sliding webpage effect.



07. Zenith


Zenith’s a fully responsive jQuery slider plugin that offers a variety of 4 different layouts, and 7 interactive transition animations that you can use on any of the layouts. Zenith provides an infinite number of styling options, as well as full editing capabilities for creating your own slider alterations. You can choose from regular sliders to full-width sliders, sliders with tabs and thumbnails, as well as testimonial sliders for using on your business websites. It’s these kinds of plugins that change the way we allow ourselves and our visitors to interact with our website content, and Zenith makes this experience a truly one of a kind one. Zenith also offers modern content sliding options based on a selection of different elements, so you can talk about your apps and products in a very interactive way. Each point of a product can be discussed within a sliding element.



08. Zoom Slider

Zoom Slider

Zoom Slider is a completely new approach towards modern web design and element manipulation through animated sliding features. The main feature of Zoom Slider is the ability to browse through slides, but also to zoom-in on them to get more concise details, each zoom-in brings about a new and modern webpage that can be used to showcase more details about what you are showcasing. Once the icon for zooming is clicked, the zoom area as well as the page get scaled, creating the illusion that the viewer is approaching the item. Once the whole page is covered, we show some more details. The use of Dynamic.js and CSS3 transitions is what enables for Zoom Slider to be so responsive and beautifully positioned.



09. Responsive Layered Slider

Responsive Layered Slider

Working on a big project in the creative field? You will surely need a slider that can take content sliding to the next level, and we fully believe that the Responsive Layered Slider is your number one solution to this request. Not only is it modern, it’s fully based on JavaScript — so you don’t even need to play around with CSS to work with transitions and styling options, it’s all prepackaged in the main JavaScript file. Have fun exploring!



10. Lens Slider

Lens Slider

jQuery Lens Slider offers two different libraries, one for ground up website projects, and a separate plugin for WordPress users. The Lens Slider name signifies the ability to showcase a number of visual items within a single full-width widget, with the options to scroll through items and keep the other items within the sight of previous one — as can be seen in the snapshot. This library will greatly benefit wallpaper websites, and websites that need to display previously achieved work, so good for freelancers and creatives who want to promote their work in a modern approach.



11. Bootstrap Carousel with Ambilight

Bootstrap Carousel with Ambilight

Bootstrap has not been a frequent name in our jQuery slider list so far, but Adobe WordPress guys are breaking this barrier by offer a unique slider plugin that uses an Ambilight effect to create the slider experience more personal, more appealing to a certain personality and/or crowd. The slider is fully responsive and uses an automatic timer (which you can modify) to flip through the specified slider items.



12. Hero Slider

Hero Slider

The last plugin from CodyHouse on our list is called a simple Hero Slider. This plugin is built on top of the understanding that we wish to showcase our content in as organized manner as possible, without taking up too much space above or below the fold. This ready to go slider comes equipped with features like image and video backgrounds, and the ability to align text in a variety of ways. Instead of using simple navigation icons, this plugin utilizes buttons that should increase the overall slider engagement. The buttons provide an option to add text to help users understand better the next piece of content, and in turn encourage to flip through the slider fully. Optimized for all browsers and devices.



13. Super Simple Slider

Super Simple Slider

The Super Simple Slider was built with one thing in mind — simplicity. While many sliders can seem bloated with features and expandable options, Super Simple Slider is focused only on one thing — giving its users the ability to display sliding content without the extra fat. Showcase your visual content, with the ability to add title for each piece of content for an increased engagement rate.



14. GridSlide.js


Grid Slide library does what you would expect it to do, it provides the user with an option to display visual content in grid oriented manner. So you can select a number of visual items and showcase them individually in a grid, and the user can then easily select between the grid items to open them up within the slider. We can see this plugin having a lot of use for displaying product demos, for wallpaper websites who want to give its users the full preview of content before they click on it, and creatives who want to display as much of their work within a single page as possible.



15. Swiper


When entering the Swiper homepage, it resembles the feel of Ionic Framework, and for good reasons — Swiper is the default component for slider capabilities within the Ionic Framework, it’s also the default slider for Framework7. Swiper’s a free to use touch slider for mobile devices. It uses hardware optimized transition effects, and feels like a native integration within your iOS, Android, Windows and Desktop projects. It will compliment mobile apps, mobile web applications, and mobile websites.

Swiper uses modern flexbox layout for slides layout, this solves a lot of problems and time with size calculations. Such layout also allows to configure Slides grid using pure CSS. Swiper comes with very rich API. It allows to create your own pagination, navigation buttons, create parallax effects and many more.



16. Jssor


Jssor is possibly the oldest and the richest jQuery slider library on this list. With nearly 400 slide effects for captions to choose from, Jssor makes it easy to create responsive and mobile optimized slides for every possible situation imaginable. You can use it for content sliding, for image sliding, there are both jQuery and no-jQuery versions available for larger scale projects. The documentation provides more than 30 unique demo examples of how Jssor can be used in the real world, giving users an opportunity to save time and productivity as they go.



17. bxSlider


Steven Wanderski’s slider project is one of the most recognized slider projects on GitHub — with more than 3,000 stars, and variety of forks by other developers. bxSlider will natively adapt to your favorite devices and browsers, it allows you to create slides out of visual content like video and photo, but you can also create dynamic slides using your own HTML5 content. For mobile devices, there’s a modern touch and swipe feature support for maximum engagement and usability. Slider animations are done using CSS3 transition modules. There’s an API to put you in full-control over the way the slider interacts with your pages. Lots of options for configuration and optimization as well.



18. FlexSlider 2

FlexSlider 2

WooThemes is a household name in the WordPress community, and FlexSlider is gaining just as much momentum as the WooThemes main product WooCommerce. FlexSlider uses a simple and semantic markup approach for making it easier for developers to integrate FlexSlider in their projects and apps. Hardware acceleration enables for seamless swipe and touch effects, there’s a ton of support information within the documentation, and you can easily choose to use FlexSlider on your WordPress blog through a separate plugin. You won’t find a more modern jQuery gallery slider than this, we can vouch for that.



19. AnythingSlider


CSS-Tricks is the home of thousands of designers and developers who wish to learn more about the capabilities and functionality of the latest CSS standards, and this plugin compliments all that knowledge within a single slider package. The AnythingSlider is built to help you create a slider out of anything, whether it’s visual content, or raw HTML content, AnythingSlider will compliment any project that needs a slider for its content. You can fully style each individual slider through a separate style file, amongst hundreds of other features you can find on the official demo website.



20. Flickity


Flickity is touch friendly, fully responsive, clickable web and mobile galleries for the modern developer. Suitable for creating full scale slideshows and galleries, Flickity’s modern design choices are what keeps developers coming back for more. Full use of HTML5 and CSS3 within this library.



Premium jQuery Slider and Gallery Plugins

Having explored the most prominent and the most successful free jQuery slider and gallery plugins, it is time we move on to slightly bigger guns (or not), the premium availability of such plugins. Our selection is going to feature the best premium sliders from all the great developers to publish their work on Codecanyon. The following plugins aren’t necessarily better than anything else we have featured so far, but they do promise a more support oriented approach (which might be the most appealing factor of all), and in total these plugins have been purchased and downloaded over several tens of thousands of times. We will try and introduce each on in the best way possible, but ultimately leave the final decision up to you.


21. Theta Carousel 3D

Theta Carousel 3D

3D is somewhat of a thing within the visual sphere on the web, but not as common as we would like it to be. Theta Carousel is our first 3D supported gallery slider plugin in this list. The responsive integration within Theta Caoursel allows for automated scaling capabilities for any device screen size. It’s truly flexible, allowing you to remain in charge of how the plugin flows, looks, feels, and interacts with the user. The in-built configuration panel makes it easier to understand what the plugin can do, as well as makes it much more easy to actually configure the plugin to your own liking. You can choose from a selection of predefined object moving parameters, or specify your own.



22. Slidea


Slidea comes from the team at Pixobyte. It’s a fast and intuitive slider that uses the multi-purpose approach for creating interactive visual and web content slides. Simplicity is one of the key features for Slidea, and uses three different frameworks to achieve that goal — jQuery, Velocity, and Animus for creating spectacular animations effect. If you like motion design, you will enjoy what Slidea has to offer. Fully Touch compliant for mobile devices, offers Material Design capabilities (very rare still), you can create progress bars for your slides, you can even use responsive fonts to truly make the slider experience a remarkable one.



23. XProSlider


XProSlider is the professional bunch. While easy to configure, its feature list is quite limited due to the fact that the focus of XProSlider is quality, and ultimately performance. You can use it as a standalone slider, a carousel, or a full-on gallery plugin to display all your visual content. The list of features is just too large for us to cover in full spectrum here, so we recommend you head over to the plugins sales page and explore it in its full glory. And it’s also good to explore the demos before making and final decisions.



24. Cloud Slider

Cloud Slider

Cloud Slider offers a list of features such as — Touch Enabled, fully responsive, smooth animations, 3D (and also 2D) transition effects, a choice of 18 pre-built styles, ability to setup unlimited carousels, video embeds, a powerful API, and all this on top of a high performance codebase that will tailor all the features together in a very scalable setting. We cannot think of a better choice plugin for those who are seeking the features we mention above.



25. UtilCarousel


Last but not least we have UtilCarousel, a mobile and tablet optimized jQuery carousel library that uses hardware acceleration to provide smooth transition effects. There’s 3D transition support that will execute itself smoothly on mobile and desktop web experiences. There’s Touch and Drag options for mobile users, you are in control of pagination and navigation items, a choice of more than ten different template styles, and even a developer API for plugging this library into external website and application projects.



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