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Top 13 Tools to Improve Your Dropbox Experience

Dropbox without question is the most recognized brand name in cloud storage industry. Dropbox enables its users and customers to store files on external cloud servers that can then be either stored as storage items, or shared with anyone else who has access to the web; all files are synchronized across the devices that Dropbox provides platform support for; web, mobile, desktop. Dropbox allows the storage and management of literally any file type available. To get going with Dropbox on your computer, you have to download the standalone client application which then creates a specific Dropbox folder on your computer, letting you start the syncing of files. Millions of internet users across the planet have found Dropbox to be the answer to their file storage needs.


01. Spotdox


Spotdox is a handy little application thats let your pair your Dropbox account in order to give you access to view any of your files on any kind of device, without having to access Dropbox directly. Dropbox limits access to its users only to the folder that they are using for Dropbox file uploads, whereas Spotdox enables you to access any files from within your computers ecosystem; whether it’s an external drive, or internal. Spotdox also enables you to move stuff off Dropbox and onto your Mac or PC from any phone or web browser. For instance; upload photos while on the road to Dropbox and transfer them to your Mac, freeing up space.


02. Real Pixels

Real Pixels

Have you ever encountered an issue with your uploaded images on different devices, most commonly known as scalability problem? Real Pixels lets you view your designs in their full resolution, without having to scale them. Evaluate the way your images (designs) are supposed to look without having to switch up devices.


03. Mover


Mover is a cloud storage system that works as a backup platform for other cloud storage platforms, meaning that you can use Mover to securely backup all your files from Dropbox onto the Mover backup servers. This is an amazing cloud to cloud platform that ensures your data is always truly safe, since Mover also offers additional encryption techniques and tools that will make your data strong like steel.




IFTTT has been one of the most remarkable productivity tools that we have seen enter the market in the recent couple of years, and with more than 1,200+ ‘recipes’ for Dropbox users, IFTTT will ensure that the way you manage your files and their availability becomes truly dynamic, and somewhat inspired. You can use IFTTT to automatically update your files, to share them with your friends and social network users, or you can use IFTTT to curate content such as music and movies directly to your Dropbox account without your assistance.


05. WebDrive


You can use the WebDrive platform to easily mount your Dropbox folder into a separate hard drive disk on your computer, giving you more access and freedom over the way you can manage your files. In turn it becomes much easier to manage your files when it comes to remote work, file management, and file uploading and downloading.


06. Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool

Kanban is one of the most well-known visual project management techniques, also one of the most successful. Kanban Tool lets you do an API connection with your Dropbox account, allowing you to directly share your visual project maps to your Dropbox account, without having you do the process manually.


07. Mihand


Mihand chooses file classification as a starting point. It is a service that will organize files automatically by tags. You don’t need to create and manage folders for files in advance. It provides a solution that you can not only describe files simply but also find them easily. If you ever wanted to truly organize your Dropbox folders to make any sense, then Mihand is the application to learn how to use.


08. Harp


I remember when Dropbox web hosting was just a concept idea, whereas now there are legitimate and successful companies running their businesses thanks to the services that Dropbox provides. With Harp you can easily setup a website using your Dropbox folder(s). Explore Harp.js to learn more about the kind of applications you can deploy using the Harp hosting platform.


09. TextDrop


Are you a writer? A content editor? Do you take a lot of notes? TextDrop is for those who love to write, but also love to have the freedom to stop writing at any time, and be able to access that writing from anywhere at any given time. TextDrop connects with your Dropbox account to enable you to have a browser text editor that you can use to craft any kind of content, and then instantly save it on your Dropbox account for later access.


10. SortMyBox


Do you like how the most popular email services let you organize your emails into folders? Well, SortMyBox does pretty much the exact thing, it lets you organize your files and folders into sub-folders that let you make more sense of your files and how you are using them. Extensive filters will make sure that you can easily resemble your email folders, only with the help of files.


11. AirDropper


AirDropper is the simplest solution towards receiving and sending files to your clients. Request the kind of files you are looking for and within minutes they will become readily available within your Dropbox folder; this creates for a simple and elegant file sharing experience that doesn’t require any involvement of direct web technology.


12. Otixo


File security and file encryption will always be a big thing, and Otixo is working hard to ensure that your files are always protected, secured and encrypted, and not just for those files that you use on Dropbox, but also services like Box, Amazon cloud, Evernote, Flickr, Google Drive and countless others. The main feautre of Otixo is that it enables you to connect all of these services together and lets you access all of your files from within one single platform, drastically improving your work productivity and experience.


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