There is no other design component like the color. It affects the user’s experience the most and it depends on the used color palette whether a client will enjoy working with your website or will hate your whole brand because of it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve read any articles on How To Pick A Color Scheme or you are a complete dummy, cause today we will walk you through a great selection of themes that will bring joy and relaxation to your eyes and eyes of your customers. You won’t find anything like this among the Free Themes, these are the top quality Best WordPress Themes only, but they are worth it, trust us!

Every business should have its own face, its identity. This is something everyone knows nowadays and everyone tries to get the most out of this. If you are working on a website for your business, there is a chance that you asked a studio to help you, but sometimes people believe that they can make everything on their own.  In this case, everything will be a little more complicated for you, cause you will have to look into the latest trends.

Choosing the right color scheme is a crucial part of your website design development. This is a tough task, but it’s much easier with the guide that I’ve linked above for you.

There is one important thing to consider here: while selecting the colors that will be included in your palette, you have to consider the tastes of your potential website users, not only your own. Of course, you can always stumble upon people that believe that everything they do should be liked by theme in the first place, but you should always keep in mind the importance of your clients’ tastes. You are working for them and you want them to like you and your product.

I believe that the best option for you will be trying to look at your brand from the client’s perspective. Would you buy something from the company with such color palette and website design? Would you emphasize this brand because of their identity? These are the key question you have to work on.

If you don’t want to waste your time on these website designing process, you can always check out our WordPress Business Themes and select something to your taste. In order to get any of them at a 15% discount, simply type in the promo code (…). Here is what we can offer you!

01. Cake Maker WordPress Theme

Cake Maker WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Nowadays every bakery should have a website and try selling the cakes and pretzels online. However, do you really know what color scheme should be used for such kind of project? Of course, this is one of the situations when you have to try out the soft colors as we did here.

This colorful template is also equipped with the coolest features like drag-n-drop page builder, custom widgets, and full responsiveness. The template is also Ecwid ready, so the implementation of the eCommerce component will not be a problem.

02. Photographer Portfolio WordPress Template

Photographer Portfolio WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Photographers should know a little bit more about colors and how to use them in the creative field. However, if you are a photographer and you simply do not have time to it on the website design and development, we’ve got you covered!

We used the most neutral and simple colors in this template. The most important word is ‘simple’ because it’s the best characteristics for this theme in general. Just make sure you do not upload some crazy eye-popping photos there, cause then no colors will save you. The page builder is an essential part of this template and helps you create the pages in a few clicks, just move some modules around and voila!

03. Beauty Supply Store WooCommerce Template

Beauty Supply Store WooCommerce Template

Details | Demo

The beauty supplies cannot be sold on a cheap-looking website. We are not trying to think stereotypically, but women just simply cannot buy something that makes them beautiful on a website that looks horrible. It may look horrible for a variety of reasons, but the most common mistake is using too bright colors and animations that make your eyes bleed while scrolling around the website.

This template is minimalist, yet shoot for the stars. It’s a WooCommerce theme with a strong visual impression. The product is a cornerstone here and the whole website builds around it, so the color scheme was picked accordingly.

04. Falero Wedding Photographer Theme WordPress Theme

Falero Wedding Photographer Theme WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Shooting weddings professionally is a tough thing to do. If you do not have a good-looking portfolio, there is no chance you will land a lot of job opportunities. While preparing for the wedding and picking the photographer, the bride usually tries to make sure that it’s a person that has a good taste and checks not only the quality of the photos but also looks at the person, his website and how he handles business. This template is easy to customize and it’s simply nice to look at it, it’s a great choice if you look for a portfolio theme!

05. Amaryllis – Flower Shop WooCommerce Theme

Amaryllis – Flower Shop WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

Flowers are truly beautiful creatures of our nature. While working on an online flower shop, you cannot ignore the fact that the template should not only include top-quality pictures, but also a warm and bright color scheme. Make no mistake, ‘bright and warm’ is not an ‘eye-popping and contrasting piece of something’. We highlighted the products and made it stand out, so the customer’s attention wouldn’t get wasted. Do you want to change something? Use a page builder and customize this theme to your needs easily.

06. Looper – Multipurpose One/Multi Page Template Website Template

Looper – Multipurpose One/Multi Page Template Website Template

Details | Demo

This is a multipurpose template, so it has 16 Homepage Demos included. So you buy one template and get 16, that’s a pretty good deal. Should I really talk about the colors used here? Just take a look at these gorgeous and stylish demos! Nice colors and amazing imagery make these templates hypnotically cool!

07. Counselor – Counseling Therapy Center Responsive WordPress Theme

Counselor – Counseling Therapy Center Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Are you planning to build a website for some kind of a therapy center or a clinic? Then you have to worry about the colors you use even more than anyone else. Seriously, you are planning to work with people who have disorders or just get nervous because of the smallest problems, so the color scheme should be chilly and minimalist. There is no need to drive people insane by some crazy color palette variations.

08. B2Bstore WordPress Theme


Details | Demo

Managing an online store is not an easy thing to do. You have to worry about thousands of small and big tasks. On the other hand, you have to make sure that the overall user experience gets better and better. This PrestaShop theme will be a great solution for those who want to buy a template, install it and forget about the problems with the web-design. This is big and timeless, this is classic!

09. Cosmettele WordPress Theme


Details | Demo

When someone talks about health I always imagine something colored in green. The same goes for nature, beauty, and other things. This is a unique color that makes you feel some kind of a connection with nature and your inner self. The Cosmettele template uses warm colors like yellow, green and orange and doesn’t look annoying like its competitors.

10. Soho – Photo Portfolio Website Template

Soho – Photo Portfolio Website Template

Details | Demo

You don’t always see a dark-colored template in a theme selection like this, but this one is a definite exception! The Soho template can be used by any photographer or anyone who works in a creative field. The simplicity of black color should not be confused with darkness and sadness. In this particular situation, it works as a great-looking frame for your amazing photos.

11. Monstroid2 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Monstroid2 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Monstroid2 is almost a legend that has been crafted by TemplateMonster. It has tons of sales and there is surely a reason for that. This is a multipurpose theme that includes more than 10 skins now and we are working on the new updates constantly. The color schemes of Monstroid2 skins vary depending on a topic and you will see some unusual decisions there. However, the main Monstroid2 skin looks very soft colors and uses only green and white. This is a great solution for a website that doesn’t want its customers to squint and try to see the content through the eye-popping colored blocks.

12. Jessica Priston – Makeup Services Responsive Multipage Website Template

Jessica Priston – Makeup Services Responsive Multipage Website Template

Details | Demo

This template is not only using soft colors but also keeps it simple. Do you work in a makeup services business? You have to catch the attention of your customers instantly and this theme will do it for you! Somehow our designers selected the colors that make you think about the makeup and modeling business once you open this theme, this is something magical, seriously!

13. Sweet Shop – PrestaShop WordPress Theme

Sweet Shop PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Here goes another bakery template with a sweet-looking grid and warm colors! This one looks so tasty that once you open it you will feel the smell of the freshly baked cookies and bread… This template literally makes you hungry, damn!

14. Oyster – Fullscreen Photo and Video Website Template

Oyster – Fullscreen Photo and Video Website Template

Details | Demo

The functionalities of this website are simply. This is a portfolio for a photographer or video maker, but this portfolio is not that simple in general. Using the black and white colors, this template makes sure that your customer’s attention holds onto your actual works that you showcase. By the way, showcasing your works is easy due to the number of grids available and customization options that this theme offers.

15. Hugesale WordPress Theme


Details | Demo

Bright and provocative colors are meant to be used in the online store templates. That is why our new Hugesale PrestaShop theme has this kind of color scheme. Take a look around the demo website and note how crucial is the color for the attention-catching purposes! Making sales is not easy, but highlighting your products and showcasing them the right way will take care of it.

16. Impresta – Fashion WordPress Theme

Impresta – Fashion

Details | Demo

Fashion people are all about design. It’s not so easy to sell them something, but it’s always easy to catch their attention with a good looking website and interesting color palette. When you deal with fashion industry customers, there is no way you can make it with a cheap-looking website. Impresta Fashion Theme will become your golden ticket to the world of stylish shops with a look of a hipster-ish fashion magazine!

17. imPresta – Multipurpose PrestaShop Theme

imPresta – Multipurpose PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

imPresta is made to impress! Do you know what is one of the best tools for that? Color. Soft colors that we used in this PrestaShop template do their job greatly and brings not only the great user experience… it’s called joy and happiness, that’s what it brings! It’s a multipurpose theme, so anyone will find a skin that will work for his or her shop. imPresta waits for you and wants to work with you, take it and enjoy the world of easy-installation and customization freedom!

18. Eveprest – Supermarket WordPress Theme

Eveprest – Supermarket

Details | Demo

The images of the fresh fruits and veggies are placed there for a reason. The word that you look for once you see the Everprest template is ‘fresh’! Warm colors make you feel like you’re at home, not at some kind of an internet store or an online supermarket. That’s the thing that any owner of an eCommerce project strives to achieve!

19. Aahva – Blogging WordPress Theme

Aahva – Blogging WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Blogging is so popular nowadays, but is there any way to stand out from the crowd and run a blog that your visitors will remember? The answer is ‘Yes!’, the answer is ‘Aahva!’. Our partners from Designtrail designed a minimalist blogging template and followed all the modern guidelines regarding the grid, color scheme and layouts managing. You have a few layouts available, a few-click demo installer and social media integration. Try it out and let us know how is your blog doing after the template update!

20. Decorta WordPress Theme


Details | Demo

Home decor store doesn’t need any provocative colors, the website shouldn’t ‘scream’ at you trying to sell something. The main rule that you have to follow while designing a website for this niche is bringing the feeling of comfort and coziness. We believe that Decorta is one of the best examples of how it’s done.

21. Lingerie Website Template

Lingerie Website Template

Details | Demo

The lingerie website, on the other hand, should scream at you and bomb you with the sexual energy. The main effect is usually achieved with the pictures selected, however, the colors should also be seductive enough.

Choosing the red accenting color for the buttons and light colors for the main website blocks is the right decision for this kind of store. Red will always be a seductive color, that’s something we have in our mind from the beginning of times.

22. Styler 2 PrestaShop Theme

Styler 2 PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

This template has a dark header, but it has a bright soul. It sounds pretentious, but that’s true. The Styler 2 has been crafted with love by our PrestaShop team and brought to you and a silver platter. The main idea was the development of PrestaShop Themes that will bring high conversions and generate good income out of the usual store. We believe that we did our best form the designing point of view.

23. Gifts Shop Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Gifts Shop Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

A gift shop should showcase its products in the most stylish and efficient way. Colors and pictures make a huge difference in this business, cause gifts and souvenirs are the things that make us emotional and makes us feel something special. This special feeling is something we tried to bring to your website visitors with this template.

24. Vegetables Website Template

Vegetables Website Template

Details | Demo

Selling vegetables or products that are made out of the vegetables that you collect is easy. You know why we think so? That’s because there is one method that works great and it’s not such a secret, actually. The whole idea is about making your customer emphasize you. This template will give you a possibility to establish this emotional connection between your brand and your customer using the rich UI kit and pre-made HTML pages that we give you.

25. Lunalin – Perfume & Cologne Store PrestaShop Theme

Lunalin – Perfume & Cologne Store PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Perfume is a very important thing for women, so if you want to sell perfumes and colognes, there is no way you can do it on a website with a tasteless look. It’s a very sensitive audience you deal with, more respect, please! It’s responsive and simply good looking, it has a joyful color palette and customized modules.

26. Florabido – Bouquets & Floral Arrangement PrestaShop Theme

Florabido – Bouquets & Floral Arrangement PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

We have already brought one flower store theme to you above, but you should consider this one too! This one has a little bit more modern look, the previous one had kind of a glimpse of vintage look. Giving you 3 pre-made layouts, we give you the freedom to customize your website and get yourself a truly unique flower store website!

27. Organic Beauty Store PrestaShop Theme

Organic Beauty Store PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

Organic stores always give you a feeling of a strong connection with nature. That’s because while buying all this organic stuff you feel so special. Try out this template for your store and care for your customer’s joyful user experience!

28. Herbal & Spiced Tea Responsive Prestashop Theme

Herbal & Spiced Tea Responsive Prestashop Theme

Details | Demo

Are you selling herbal and spiced tea? This kind of website should look exotic and unusual. We looked around and didn’t find anything good enough in this niche, so we created this PrestaShop theme using our vision of this business.

29. Bed Linen PrestaShop Theme

Bed Linen PrestaShop Theme

Details | Demo

This PrestaShop makes you want to lie on the bed and cuddle with your beloved one. When you sell the bed linen you should make sure that your website screams ‘This is what will make your bed feel like you’re lying on the cloudy sky’. That’s the only way to deal with your customers in this niche and this PrestaShop theme has been crafted for this particular purposes!

30.Sweet Shop Responsive MotoCMS Ecommerce Template

Sweet Shop Responsive MotoCMS Ecommerce Template

Details |  Demo

Are you a MotoCMS user? Do you prefer to use our amazing website builder and look for a great sweet shop template? This one will definitely be your choice. The best thing about this template is the customization freedom that you get along with the template. MotoCMS is and will always one of the best website builders around, so make sure you check it out, we give out the 14-days trial to everyone!

Didn’t find anything good enough for your business? Check out the full catalog of our best WordPress themes and you will definitely find something fitting your needs among the 26, 000 templates.

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