Robi Minute Pack Offer 2020 – All Robi Minutes Offers

Robi Minute Pack Offer 2020 - All Robi Minutes Offers

Robi Minute Pack Offer 2020- List of All Bundle Offer! Robi minute Pack 2020 list here, to get the minute for a little money in Robi, dial *0# After dialing this code, all the minute bundle packages of Robi will be displayed.

Robi to any local number 11-minute bundle package is only 7 Taka, can be used 6 hours to activate the offer dial 01#.

Dial 02# to buy 23 minutes bundle offer, only Tk.14 and expires in 16 hours, all the minutes will use any local number.

List of Robi Small Minutes Bundle Package Offer 2020 (Robi-All Local Number)

11Tk.76 Hr.*0*1#
23Tk.1416 Hr.*0*2#
40Tk.242 Days*0*3#
52Tk.332 Days*0*4#

Robi Minute Pack Offer 2020- List of All Bundle Offer:

Robi has interesting mid-stage bundle packages, which can be used in the weekly period, these minutes are limited to 100 to 200 minutes.

List of Robi Medium Minutes Bundle Package Offer 2020 (Robi-All Local Number)

95Tk.597 Days*0*5#
170Tk.997 Days*0*6#

Robi is the monthly and the biggest minute bundle package here, 475 minutes package with 1GB internet free and validity 30 days.

Robi 1000 Minutes, 500 Minutes and a more powerful bundle package are here.

List of Robi Large Minutes Bundle Package Offer 2020 (Robi-All Local Number)

335 MinutesTk.19430 Days*0*7#
5GB, 500Min & 100 SMSTk.59930 Days*123*599#
2GB, 150Min & 150 SMSTk.25128 Days*123*251#
475 Minutes + 1 GBTk.27830 DaysRecharge
700MB, 25 Min & 25 SMSTk.587 Days*123*058#
1000 Minutes & 1 GBTk.57430 DaysRecharge

List of Robi PostPaid Minutes Bundle Package Offer 2019 (Robi-All Local Number)

80Tk.537 Days*0*4#
700 MB, 25 Min & 25 SMSTk.587 Days*123*058#
5GB, 500 Min & 100 SMSTk.59930 Days*123*599#
2GB, 150 Min & 150 SMSTk.25128 Days*123*251#
285Tk.18330 Days*0*9#
95Tk.6110 Days*0*6#

Robi Minute Pack Offer 2020- List of All Bundle Offer Terms:

  • Robi to Robi reaming minute check code is *222*2#
  • Robi off-net remaining minutes check code *222*9#
  • Robi internet volume check USSD Code *3#

Robi Minute Pack 2020

Here we try to provide all the minute packages according to the new call rate of BTRC’s. The customer can easily choose their favorable offer from this list.

20 minutes (any local number) 40 SMS24 hours (12am -4 pm)12 BDT*8666*03#
10 minutes (any local number) 20 SMS1 day10 BDT*8666*02#
12 any operator minutes 12 MB data 12 SMS1 day10 BDT*8666*12#
15 any operator minutes 16 SMS24 hours (12 am- 5 pm)10 BDT*8666*016#
95 minutes (any local number) 150 SMS7 days50 BDT*8666*50#
190 minutes (any local number)7 days100 BDT*8666*008#
70 any operator minutes 26 MB data 25 SMS 25 MMS7 days50 BDT*8666*025#
150 any operator minutes 51 MB data 50 SMS 50 MMS7 days100 BDT*8666*050#
250 any operator minutes, 200 MB data, 200 SMS30 days300 BDT*8666*500#

Robi Recharge Minute Offer 2020

Here we have provided the minute offers which are available by recharge. One can easily pick any suitable offer for him/her.

2514 BDT16 hours
5533 BDT2 days
10059 BDT7 days
13578 BDT7 days
18099 BDT7 days
200118 BDT7 days
380218 BDT30 days
215118 BDT10 days

Terms & Conditions

  • While accepting Recharge offer, Customer main balance account differ from recharge amount
  • These are eligible for recharging from Easyload
  • Offers and minutes is not transferable
  • You can buy Unlimited Times
  • 10-sec pulse is applicable

Robi 300 Minute Offer

According to BTRC’s new call rate, Robi 300 minute offer is not available at this time. But the customer can enjoy 165 minutes or 150 minutes or 190 minutes for 7 days. To activate 165 minutes dial 866689#. To activate 150 minutes dial 8666050#. To activate 190 minutes dial 8666008#

How to Check Robi Offers

TypesCode To Dial
Robi- Robi/Airtel minutes*222*2#
Robi- any operator mins*222*25#

Total Charge: Total 21% Standard Tax, Vat, Supplementary and surcharge are applicable

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