How to Convert 1GB Video File to 50MB by HandBrake Software 2020


HandBrake is a multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder. Supported sources: Any DVD-like source: VIDEO_TS folder, DVD image or real DVD, and some.VOB and.TS files, Blu-ray source, Most any multimedia file it can get to read and to decode. Outputs: File format: MP4, MKV, Video: MPEG-4, H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, VP8, VP9 or Theora, Audio: AAC, MP3, Vorbis or AC-3 pass-through (several audio tracks), Switchable or burned in subtitles and much more! Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1. You can then choose your output format (MP4 or MKV), and apply whatever additional tweaks you might need. Videos can be resized or cropped, for instance, filtered in various ways (deinterlace, denoise, deblock, more), you’re able to choose the destination frame rate, or even set a target size for the converted file so you can be sure it’ll fit on your target device.

If you prefer a simple life, though, you can just choose one of the conversion presets like iPad, iPad or AppleTV. HandBrake will automatically set all its other options, and all you have to do is click Start and wait for your new video or audio file to arrive.



Visit the developer’s site

Download HandBrake 1.3.1 Windows 64-bit  13MB  Win64

Download HandBrake 1.3.1 Mac 64-bit  20MB  Mac64

Download HandBrake 1.3.1 Linux 64-bit  22MB  Linux64

Download Beta, Portable and other versions

Download HandBrake 1.3.1 Portable Windows 64-bit  18MB  Win64  Portable

Download HandBrake latest Beta/Nightly Windows 64-bit  ca 12.8MB  Win64

Download HandBrake latest Beta/Nightly Portable Windows 64-bit  ca 12.8MB  Win64  Portable

Download HandBrake latest Beta/Nightly Mac  ca 12.8MB  Mac

Download HandBrake latest Beta/Nightly Linux  ca 12.8MB  Linux


Download old versions

Download HandBrake old versions


Software License

Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)

Supported operating systems

WinWindows MacMac OS LinuxLinux


Tool features – Convert

AVI to AVC, AVI to AVI, AVI to H264, AVI to MKV, AVI to MP4, DVD to AVC, DVD to AVI, DVD to H264, DVD to MKV, DVD to MP4, DVD to OGM, HDTV to AVC, HDTV to AVI, HDTV to H264, HDTV to MKV, HDTV to MP4, HDTV to OGM, MKV to AVC, MKV to AVI, MKV to H264, MKV to MKV, MKV to MP4, MKV to OGM, MP4 to AVC, MP4 to AVI, MP4 to H264, MP4 to MKV, MP4 to MP4, MPG to AVC, MPG to AVI, MPG to H264, MPG to MKV, MPG to MP4, MPG to OGM, VOB to AVC, VOB to AVI, VOB to H264, VOB to MKV, VOB to MP4, VOB to OGM, TS to AVC, TS to AVI, TS to H264, TS to MKV, TS to MP4, TS to OGM

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