Grameenphone All Internet Package Offer 2020

Grameenphone All Internet Package Offer 2020

Grameenphone all regular internet package is here, GP most recent update internet data package list 2020.

This is a big update for GP internet users. Just look and activate your favorite GP internet packages.

  • To check GP remaining Internet balance customers need to dial *121*1*4#
2.625MB3 Days*121*3002#
31 BDT350MB3 Days*121*3083#
38 BDT85MB7 Days*121*3004#
54 BDT2GB3 Days*121*3242#
58 BDT115MB30 Days*121*3005#
67 BDT3GB3 Days*121*3282#
89 BDT1GB7 Days*121*3056#
189 BDT1GB30 Days*121*3390#
108 BDT3GB7 Days*121*3344#
129 BDT2GB7 Days*121*3058#
148 BDT6GB7 Days*121*3262#
149 BDT555MB28 Days*121*3007#
179 BDT4GB7 Days*121*3084#
198 BDT10GB7 Days*121*3133#
239 BDT1538MB28 Days*121*3027#
289 BDT3GB30 Days*121*3391#
337 BDT3.5GB28 Days*121*3009#
399 BDT5GB30 Days*121*3392#
427 BDT5.5GB28 Days*121*3010#
609 BDT6GB28 Days*121*3012#
649 BDT15GB30 Days*121*3393#
998 BDT30GB30 Days*121*3394#


GP MB Bonus

Now you can enjoy GP MB Bonus. Daily talk on 45 minute, and enjoy 1 MB bonus for next per minute talk time. One user can enjoy a maximum 5 MB for one call. The validity of this offer is for 3 days. to activate this amazing offer dial 1211401# right now.

GP 350 MB at 20 BDT

Now GP 350 MB is available at only 20 BDT. The validity is 4 days of this internet offer. To activate this offer dial 1215102#. It is available for a limited time. So grab the offer as soon as possible.

GP 500 MB at 5 BDT

Here I’m going to tell you about a very amazing offer at a very cheap rate and this is GP 500 MB at 5 BDT. You can buy 500 MB internet data pack at only 5 BDT. The validity period for this offer is 7 days. But here is a condition for this offer. One can purchase this offer only twice a time. So for activating this offer you have to dial 1213809#

GP 1000 MB at 17 BDT

GP 1000 MB(500 MB+500 MB 4 G) at 17 BDT offer is available at myGP app. The validation time of this offer is 3 days. One can activate this offer highest one time. To activate offer go to MyGP app.

GP 1gb internet offer 2020

Users search for this offer in many ways like GP 1gb internet offer, GP offer 1gb 20tk, GP 1gb 5tk, GP 1gb offer 9tk, GP free 1gb offer, GP 1gb 50tk, GP internet offer 1gb 50tk, GP 1gb free and so many like this. Here are all the details about GP 1gb offer.

GP 1 GB 5tk

It is the best offer of Grameenphone company. They always serve for the betterment of their customers. GP 1gb 5tk offer is one of them. It is a weekly internet data package. To activate this offer dial 50045#. This offer is for 2G and 3G users. In this offer, users can use 500 MB for open browse and rest 500 MB is for facebook MB

GP 1GB offer 9tk

One of the most exciting offers is GP 1GB offer 9tk. One user can purchase this offer for 4 times in maximum. It is a monthly pack. The validity of this offer is 28 days. To activate this offer dial 50202217#.

GP 1GB offer 19tk

There is another new offer of GP internet which is GP 1GB offer 19tk. The duration of this offer is 14 days. So get a hurry and buy this offer. It takes only 19 BDT as for cost. For activating this offer you have to dial 50202218# from your GP sim.

GP offer 1 GB 20tk

One can also purchase 1GB internet only at 18 BDT. But the validity of this offer is only for 8 hours. To enjoy the offer dial 1213234#. So those who are looking for GP offer 1gb 20tk, all of you can buy this offer at only 18 BDT. GP 1gb internet package price varies for several offers. This price is being fixed to base upon the validation time.

GP new offer 1 GB 21tk

GP recently provides new internet offer to their customer. Users can enjoy this offer for only once a time. It is a GP new internet offer of 1 GB at 21 BDT. The validity of this internet offer is 7 days. To activate this offer dial 1215097#. Activate this offer before 30th June 2020. It is avail till 30th June 2020.

GP 29tk 1 GB offer

We have a new offer, it is GP 29 taka 1GB offer. The validity of this offer is 5 days. The total cost of this offer is 29 BDT. You can activate this offer by dialing 1215087#.

GP offer 1gb 31tk (new)

There is another new GP internet offer of 1gb at 31tk. The validation limit of this offer is 5 days. To activate this offer dial 1215087#.

GP 30tk 1 GB offer

Here is another amazing offer, GP 30tk 1 GB offer. To activate this offer dial 1215037# right now. The validation of this offer is 3 days. One user can grab this offer maximum for 4 times.

GP internet offer 1GB 50tk

Grameenphone has an interesting offer at 50 BDT. The validity of GP internet offer 1GB 50 tk is 7 days. To activate this offer dial 1213844#. Make sure about one thing this is a special offer. If this offer isn’t activated by this code then you can choose another one.

GP 1gb offer

GP 1 GB internet offer is now available at 104 BDT. The validity of this offer is 7 days. The activation code is 1213056#.

GP 1gb offer at 189tk

It is a new internet offer of GP. If anyone interested to this offer dial 1213390# to activate this offer. The validation time is 30 days. So the users who want to extend their internet offer time can activate this offer.

  • Customers should recharge accurately amount.
  • Recharge based activation offer only for GP prepaid and postpaid customers.
  • Any recharged amount other than the package price will be added to the customer’s primary account balance
  • Just Internet Packs will be activated if the mentioned amount will be recharged. Different amounts should be recharged for general Flexi load
  • Recharge based activation is possible only through Flexi load SIM. If you Recharge in any other way, the internet pack will be not activated.
  • Unused internet data will be added to the next data pack, but you must buy the same package.
  • For Postpaid clients, the Due Date Barred client will get a notice to clear due amount, and the trigger installment amount will be rejected.
  • Postpaid customers can buy a minute or internet pack through the retailer, they will be added to the scheduled account, but they will not show them on the bill paper.
  • The Pack price is inclusive of SD, SC, and VAT.

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